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Lint Free Eye Pads

The eye pads offers help and protection during the eyelash extension.

Each hydrogel eye patch is 100% lint free, contains few ingredients and is ultra thin, making them perfect for clients with sensitive skin. 

The eye patch will moisture and tighten your skin and help remover wrinkle and dark circle. 100% natural material

Ingredients: Pure water, Glycerol; Aloe extract; Hydro-gel

Shelf life: 2 years


  1. Open the bag, take the gel eye pad out.
  2. Remove the film on the pad
  3. Apply the pad to skin near eyes with a gentle pressure
  4. Apply eye pads on top of lower lashes without touching the eye or lower eyelid
  5. After using, tear down the patch and throw it into trash. 
  6. Dry after finishing